"​We Help Women 45+ In The Kensington Area To Increase Their Confidence In Achieving Their Goals Of An Independent & Mobile Lifestyle Without The Use Of Pain Medications Or Surgery."

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Julie S. loves the customization of the programs to meet your needs!

“Cynthia creates a warm, therapeutic environment where one can focus on progress and healing, while feeling comfortable to ask questions and advice. She has a vast expertise and customizes a program to meet your individual needs, even as new issues arise or needs shift over a treatment course. She advises on a home regimen, in addition to the in-person service, and takes care to follow up on how routines are going and managing changes. Cynthia is a pleasure to work with and takes the time to get to know you as an individual and a patient.”

Linda A. overcame pelvic pain and is now back to doing pilates classes without pain!

“I recently started private Pilates classes with Cynthia Weiss, PT. I leave her classes with decreased pain because she knows how to cue me to get myself back into alignment and perform the exercises properly. I have tried Pilates many times and have been injured because the teachers really do not understand pelvic instability like a PT. In addition, Cynthia is a dancer and understands posture and movement. I highly recommend Cynthia for other patients looking for a private or group Pilates class. She has given me so much hope that I can finally learn how to stop placing myself out of alignment and get stronger.

Marian G. highly recommends Wellness Rehabilitation Inc. services!

“Cynthia Weiss is the most effective therapist I’ve ever worked with.  Her education, experience, and intuitive talents are profoundly combined to find unique treatments for each patient.  She is able to communicate and teach even the most reluctant client.

All this, combined with her dance background and special skills create a powerful healing experience.”

Cynthia Weiss

Get To Know Cynthia Weiss...

Founded in 2003, Wellness Rehabilitation was started by physical therapist Cynthia Weiss, who wanted to give the quality care and experience you deserve by taking the time to listen to you about your issues, answering all your questions, and providing you with a warm, supportive, and healing environment so you leave with a smile on your face.
​We are not your traditional cookie-cutter clinic. If you have tried other treatments and have not had lasting effects, you need to see a specialist, not a generalist.

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