Breast Cancer Rehab

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A Message From Cynthia Weiss, Owner & Founder of Wellness Rehabilitation Inc.

This report is for the person who feels that no one is listening to them, who is suffering from tightness and/or swelling due to surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. You feel that maybe this will just be the way it is for the rest of your life. Yet you can’t accept that. It is creating postural problems, it has become more difficult for you to perform your normal daily activities, even reaching for the plate in the cabinet, and you may just feel like your arm or trunk is feeling “full”. This report is here to help you make a better health decision so you can once again have an active, healthy, mobile lifestyle without feeling guilty that you just survived cancer.

At this point you may feel your symptoms are something you have to live with… but you really are hoping you will be able to enjoy participating in all the activities you love, whether it be dancing or exercising, keeping up with your children/grandchildren, walking the dog, hiking, traveling.
It’s not fun when no one seems to be listening to what you are feeling or being told to just live with it so you find it harder to do the activities you are so passionate about.

I work with people just like you to find relief from the tightness and swelling causing you to compensate in your movements, which creates further problems either in the same area or in a new area. My name is Cynthia Weiss and I have already helped many people over the last 3 decades just like you. As a specialist I have gone through extensive education to become a Certified Lymphedema Therapist to treat people like you with tightness and swelling.

What I want you to have is my new, completely free, report “6 Tips to Improve Your Quality of Life Pre and Post Breast Cancer Surgery/Treatments – Even when you are just grateful to survive”. It will reveal simple steps you can take immediately.

I know so many people who have just accepted that the lack of mobility and swelling are now a part of their lives. This does NOT have to be you! My free report will explain why you should have hope that Physical Therapy will free you from these symptoms and return you to dancing or exercising, hiking, traveling, without the fear of making the symptoms worse.

Inside you will learn:
This report is perfect for you if:
What would your life look like in a few months if you were symptom-free or have them under control and know how to handle them and could return to an active, mobile lifestyle?

If you are ready to reserve a copy of this report, click on the button at the top of this page or call me at 301-493-9257. Here’s to getting you back to the life you deserve where you can participate in all the activities you enjoy,


Breast Cancer Rehab

A full commitment is made to each patient and much thought is put into reaching your goals based on a thorough evaluation of your posture, strength, flexibility, movement, gait, and function.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Wellness Rehab in Kensington...

M.A. Was helped with sleeping issues following breast cancer reconstruction surgery!

“After undergoing reconstruction following breast cancer, I noticed I was waking up at night when I rolled over. Cynthia analyzed my bed mobility and figured out I wasn’t using a normal muscle sequence, which was interrupting my sleep. She used her knowledge of cancer rehabilitation and surgical procedures to facilitate a normal movement pattern and was creative in her approach to abdominal strengthening. I now can sleep through the night!”

Julie S. Loves the customization of the programs to meet your needs!

“Cynthia creates a warm, therapeutic environment where one can focus on progress and healing, while feeling comfortable to ask questions and advice. She has a vast expertise and customizes a program to meet your individual needs, even as new issues arise or needs shift over a treatment course. She advises on a home regimen, in addition to the in-person service, and takes care to follow up on how routines are going and managing changes. Cynthia is a pleasure to work with and takes the time to get to know you as an individual and a patient.”

ASR. Loves how Cynthia has helped her with multiple issues over the years!

“Over the years, Cynthia has taught me how to exercise with osteoporosis, has worked with me after a mastectomy, and recently has corrected the discomfort in my hand holistically, by helping me adjust how I stand, sit and move. I’ve recommended Cynthia to friends, and they’ve also been pleased with her approach to physical therapy.”

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Breast Cancer Rehab
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