Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.
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Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.

Glutes For Gait

I always get funny looks when I tell people that I am a big “butt” person – no not like the song and not size-wise.  You probably have heard the word “core” used incessantly.

But do you really know what the core is?

The core consists of the buttocks (gluteals), diaphragm, lower abdominals, and pelvic basin.  This is the center of your body, hence core.

As the center of your body, movement should stem from there to keep you in balance.  So when we walk, for instance, your buttocks should propel you forward rather than your head.

This also disperses all the forces surrounding the core so one area is not strained.

When we walk, you go from heel to toe.  As you lift the heel of the back leg, it puts weight onto the toes and you pushoff them to swing your leg forward to take the next step.  When you push off the toes, that gets the buttocks firing to allow you to step forward.  The hip is also extended back at that point before it comes forward in the swing through phase.

Last fall I went on an overseas trip and packed a carryon duffle bag to bring with me as I went from airport to airport.  The bag could be used as a backpack, so when I was walking through the airports, that is how I used it (of course with both straps over both shoulders).

The bag was a bit long for me, so the bottom of the duffle hung at just about the crease in the buttocks.  As I was walking, it would not allow me to extend my hip to get an effective push-off from the toes.  So I had to swing my leg up to bring it forward, causing my hip instead to bend or flex.

This was actually great for me, even though I was in pain in my hip flexors the next day – no I’m not a masochist – because this showed me how important it was to use my gluteals (buttocks) for walking, which I wasn’t able to do with the duffle on my back.  This helped to reinforce the importance of using your gluteals for walking.

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Did you know that Maryland has Direct Access for physical therapy?  That means you can see a Physical Therapist without seeing your physician first and getting a prescription.  We can evaluate and treat you without a referral.  Through the extensive evaluation, if I feel that other issues may be involved that may require you to see your physician, I will refer you back or recommend someone who is appropriate for you.


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  1.  Hike on the trails in Cabin John Regional Park and look for woodpeckers.
  • Go to the Millenium Stage at the Kennedy Center at 6 every night.  They have free music or dance concerts.
  • Hit a tennis ball at the courts at your closest middle or high school or Regional Park.



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