Are You Struggling With Orthopedic Injuries In The Kensington, MD Area?


Services Offered For Orthopedic Injuries

A full commitment is made to each patient and much thought is put into reaching your goals based on a thorough evaluation of your posture, strength, flexibility, movement, gait, and function.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Wellness Rehab in Kensington...

Carmen C. overcame hip pain and is now back to the activities she loves!

“Around early March of 2017, my orthopedic surgeon told me I needed left hip replacement. For several reasons, I could not have the surgery until early October. I knew the summer would be a long, painful one. Seeking some pain relief, I started seeing Cynthia Weiss after another doctor suggested physical therapy. To be honest, I did not see how physical therapy would help since my left cartilage was practically gone, but I decided to give Cynthia a try. After my first visit, I walked out of her office practically without limping. In subsequent visits, she not only taught me various exercises to strengthen muscles that support my hips but she also helped me improve my posture, how to sit down; how to get up from a chair and many other every-day practices to alleviate my discomfort. I also learned how all of these exercises and practices impact my hips. Thanks to Cynthia, I could enjoy my summer with the added benefit of having a stronger hip going into surgery.”

David T. overcame knee pain and is now back to playing tennis!

“I’ve worked twice with Cynthia. Several years ago, she helped relieve pain in my knees from even walking and taught me exercises to strengthen and better use my core and glutes to take pressure off my knees. A few weeks ago, I called on Cynthia again, this time to relieve pain in my left wrist from playing tennis and walking my large dog. For the prior two months, I tried to heal myself by stopping tennis for weeks and changing how I walked my dog, but the pain lingered. After three sessions so far, I have much less pain in my left wrist. Thanks to Cynthia’s holistic approach to PT focusing on the cause (other weak body muscles), not just the symptom (sore wrist), I feel I am getting close to returning to tennis and walking my dog without pain!”

Marlene D. ended her low back pain & is now exercising and enjoying her life again!

“Following an MRI for low back pain, I was referred to Cynthia Weiss, a physical therapist, for treatment. Little did I know how much I would learn from Cynthia. She started by evaluating my walk, my posture, and, just as important, my breathing. She not only works with the specific area of pain, she addresses the whole person. She started by explaining to me how important it is to strengthen the core muscles (of which I knew nothing). When I started seeing Cynthia I was unable to put any weight on my right leg going up and down stairs. With the exercises Cynthia recommended for me to strengthen the core muscles and proper breathing, within a short time I was once again able to climb stairs without fear of falling. That is only one example of the many ways she has improved my health. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Cynthia and been the recipient of her extraordinary professionalism. Not only is she an excellent physical therapist, she has a vast knowledge of so many things that are part of the healing process. While teaching one how to become healthier through exercise, her joyful personality and patience also contributes to making it a pleasant activity. I would highly recommend Cynthia Weiss to all who are serious about improving their quality of life through proper exercise. There is no one I know more committed, more knowledgeable than Cynthia.”

Pascale C. increased mobility, improved flexibility and alignment, decreased pain and discomfort

I met Cynthia Weiss of Wellness Rehabilitation Inc. in 10/2020, about 1 or 2 weeks after a diagnosis of lumbago with sciatica on my right side after injuring myself at a gym and from chronic stress. I had started having severe, excruciating low back pain that left me unable to find a comfortable sitting or resting position; numbness or tingling, burning, shooting pains that radiated down my right leg; trouble sleeping, walking, standing or exercising; and with limited relief from the traditional methods of medications, heat/cold treatments and medicated patches. I was a wreck and was desperately looking for any kind of relief. I just couldn’t see myself going back to my original PT who had assisted with a knee and IT band injury. I wanted long term relief and home exercises that were going to strengthen my core, eliminate my pain and allow me to consistently exercise. I did a search to find a new PT and coincidentally found Cynthia was in my office building – a definite convenience for appointments! Cynthia made some quick assessments and began to give me exercises as well as treatments to help alleviate my back and leg pains. I met with her weekly then switched to biweekly as my condition improved. She gave me recommendations for everything from the right shoes to the right mattress, from pillows and rolls for my back and neck to a roller or tennis balls to loosen my muscles around my spine, and from balloons to improve my stress relief and breathing to advising me on how to set up my office or my car seat. I have daily stretches and alterations to typical exercises to use to strengthen my posture, abs, back muscles, lower my “zoom neck”, and make it easier for me to work with the children in my private psychotherapy practice. In addition to how she instructs me, reading her email newsletter has also given me insights and information. I have benefited with increased mobility, improved flexibility and alignment, decreased pain and discomfort, and better sleep and movement. I realized this weekend when working out in my garden and dancing in my kitchen to one of my favorite 80s dance hits as well as hearing from an orthopedist “keep doing what you are doing because it’s working” just how much PT has helped me to move more freely, confidently keep up my exercise routines, and function with confidence. I have also lost 35 lbs! Thanks Cynthia! I couldn’t have done it without you!