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Cynthia Weiss, PT, CLT-UE
Owner & Founder of Wellness Rehabilitation Inc.

A Message From Cynthia Weiss, Owner & Founder of Wellness Rehabilitation Inc.

This report is for you if you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis or just want tips on how to reduce your risk for becoming osteoporotic. This report is for you if you are feeling overwhelmed and want to know the impact of this diagnosis on your life or if you feel the only option is to stop all the activities you enjoy participating in, like dancing or exercising. There’s a good chance your doctor even told you that is your only option. You feel that maybe this will just be the way it is for the rest of your life. Yet you can’t accept that. This report is here to help you make a better health decision so you can once again have an active, healthy, mobile lifestyle.

At this point you may feel things are hopeless and you are so depressed that there is nothing that can be done to improve your osteoporosis… but you really are hoping you will be able to enjoy participating in all the activities you love, whether it be dancing or exercising, keeping up with your children/grandchildren, walking the dog, hiking, traveling.

It’s not fun when no one seems to be listening to what you are feeling or being told to just live with it so you find it harder to do the activities you are so passionate about.

I work with people just like you to find solutions for maintaining the same activity level, but safely so you don’t create compensations in your movements, which could put you at risk for osteoporotic fractures or create other issues. My name is Cynthia Weiss and I have already helped many people over the last 3 decades just like you. As a movement specialist I get to the root cause of the issue to correct the movements that could put stress on the spine or hips. You may have gone to other Physical Therapists, but until you understand your alignment and movements that are putting you at risk, you can cause injuries.

What I want you to have is my new, completely free, report “9 Tips on What You Should Know About Osteoporosis – even if you have had a fracture”. It will reveal simple steps you can take immediately.
I know so many people who have just accepted that their diagnosis and lack of mobility are now a part of their lives. This does NOT have to be you! My free report will explain why you should have hope that Physical Therapy will free you from these myths and return you to dancing or exercising, hiking, traveling, without the fear of making the symptoms worse or creating a fracture.

Inside you will learn:
This report is perfect for you if:
If your diagnosis is stopping you from enjoying life and you feel that you just have to “live with this”, then you need to read this report.
What would your life look like in a few months if you were symptom-free, educated on what you should do to prevent risk factors, or have them under control and know how to handle them and be able to return to an active, mobile lifestyle?

If you are ready to reserve a copy of this report, click on the button at the top of this page or call me at 301-493-9257.

Here’s to getting you back to the life you deserve where you can participate in all the activities you enjoy,


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Lynda E. improved her posture and gait & now has more strength in her back!

“I have been seeing Cynthia off and on for treatment of osteoporosis for five years. During that time she has helped me to significantly improve my posture and my gait. She has also taught me numerous core exercises that have strengthened my back and showed me how to better perform the activities of daily living – such as the proper way to carry groceries and how to perform gardening work without hurting myself. My balance has also improved significantly. Cynthia is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and kind. She has a total understanding of the human body – more than any other physical therapist I have worked with. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and consider myself to be very fortunate to have her as my physical therapist.”
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Alyson K. has been able to reclaim an out-of-shape physique in a non-judgmental setting to be able to drive hours in comfort and walk better!

“In the recovery period of a traumatic fall that produced a broken arm and sacrum, I also received a diagnosis of osteopenia. Unable to exercise for 9 months, then deflated about how to regain my fitness activities, I did nothing. Until working with Cynthia. Now, I am more mindful & aware of my movements and posture. I finally feel like a have a promising path to long term health. Cynthia Weiss is a gem. I arrived at my first appointment thinking that I had a good handle on my health and physical status. In a non-judgmental setting, Cynthia has guided me to wear better shoes, drive hours in comfort, walk, yes, walk better and given me the chance to begin reclaiming an out-of-shape physique. I encourage you to call Cynthia and begin your journey to your better self. Thanks Cynthia!!”
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Danielle S: had helpful exercises for her osteoporosis and is now walking up/down the stairs pain free!

“I have osteoporosis and wanted a safe exercise routine. So many people say they know what exercises are good for the disease but they really don’t. Cynthia has not only helped me learn what exercises to do, but she is even helping me with walking up and down the stairs and opening doors correctly, which isn’t as simple as it sounds. I also came in with a stiff neck and for the first time in years, I am pain-free. We are now working on my goal of playing tennis again, and I think I might make it. I highly recommend Cynthia to help you with whatever physical challenges you have.”

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