How Do I Know If I Am Doing The Exercise Or Activity The Right Way?

I am commonly asked: “How do I know if I am doing the exercise or activity the right way?”

You have been reading my emails about incorrect moving causing injuries.

We all do it. We are moving so fast to get to the next thing we have to do before we forget or run out of time and then boom! Your body speaks to you (and not in a way you would like it to.)

Maybe you just bent over to pick up a pencil from the floor, or you got out of your car, or you turned to reach vegetables on the kitchen table behind you.

All of a sudden you feel a twang in your back, hip, or knee.

So how do you tell if you do something correctly or incorrectly and how do you know how to change what you just did?

Well there are 3 ways that you will know if you are doing your exercise or activity correctly.

1. It feels right! I actually have to laugh at that statement because my oldest son used to say to us when he was very young: “it doesn’t feel good!”, particularly when he didn’t like the clothes he was asked to wear. When you move well, you don’t strain any part of your body. Everything just clicks in place and you move smoothly.

2. The movement is easy. Did you ever wonder why when you went to reach for a plate in the top shelf and you were standing back from the cabinet, it seemed so hard? Then you step in close or lift a leg to get closer then all of a sudden you can not only reach the plate but it is easy to lower down. The plate didn’t lose weight, you just improved your form and used the correct muscles, so it became easy.

3. And finally, you have no pain! When you move the way your body is meant to move, engaging the right muscles at the right time, there is no pain. Everything is working together.

How do you change faulty movement patterns to stop injuring yourself?

The best way is to have a movement specialist observe you. It is very difficult to tell on yourself what you may be doing to cause strain in your body. Having someone else who has a keen eye in observing you, will improve your patterns by giving you cues on what you need to do to change them.

Seeing a specialist Physical Therapist will get you on the right road to recovery so you stop injuring yourself. This specialist should be one who specializes in movement.

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Cynthia Weiss

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