Wellness Rehabilitation Inc.’s 20th Anniversary Year

This year marks my 20th anniversary of opening up my practice! I couldn’t have done it without all your support and continued support. I survived that 7 year mark, where many businesses close down, and I continue to be able to improve your lives through the pandemic.

I thank all of you and am grateful that you allowed me and trusted in me to help you achieve your goals of a more fulfilling life. This career I have chosen gives me such happiness in being able to help others and to be able to use my life experiences that have shaped me into how I deliver the care you should have.

To honor my 20th year I thought of various ways to celebrate. In the end, I go back to helping the community and hopefully the world in some small way.

I will be sending a list of organizations that represent what I am passionate about in honor of my 20th year.

There is no obligation or pressure on you to donate. It may just give you a bit more insight into me. (The GIF may give a bit of a hint: dogs/animals and dance. What more can one ask for?) Should you choose to, you can choose any organization that resonates with you and give whatever amount of donation to them you feel comfortable with.

Thank you again for all the support I have received from you over these 2 decades and the trust you have imparted in me.

To Your Health,


Cynthia Weiss

We Help Women To Increase Their Confidence In Achieving Their Goals Of Having An Independent & Mobile Lifestyle Without The Use Of Pain Medications Or Surgery.