The Importance of Keeping Up Your Strength

I was recently speaking with a friend and colleague of mine. We go way back to PT school. He also specializes in orthopedic Physical Therapy. He was telling me about how he hurt his back. Wouldn’t you know it, he hurt it by lifting something he shouldn’t have, and he knew it, and not using the correct mechanics because he was also in a rush.

He felt it right away, but then lifted it again, which of course hurt him again. Then he said he lifted something that was very light and that was it.

He began to treat himself. This was not working as well as he would have liked, so he decided to seek professional help. He continued to treat himself and added in acupuncture.

Why am I telling you this?

Even those who “know better” still can injure themselves when not paying attention to what they are doing or continuing to perform an activity that your body has already told you not to do. I spoke about this in my last blog about paying attention to your body when you have pain and changing the way you do something immediately so there is no pain.

Physical therapy is about getting you functional again, protecting your body, and performing activities safely. We teach you the root cause of the problem so you understand why the injury occurred in the first place. This helps you in the future to stop recurrences of the injury.

But you need to be aware of what you are doing and what movements are dysfunctional. If you aren’t aware of what has caused the problem, it makes it quite difficult to change the movement patterns.

That is where we as Physical Therapists come in. To assess how you move and to teach you improved ways of movement that work with your body. This is why many times self treating does not work as well, as it is hard to evaluate/observe your own patterns. Once you are instructed in the abnormal patterns and learn more effective ones, it is much easier to change them.

The treatments you can do on your own daily and make it a part of your routine.

But it takes months to start feeling as strong as you would like. Strength helps to support your spine and joints, which then keeps the injured area healthy.

You must continue with the program every day to maintain the strength and prevent injury.

After awhile, the exercises you do need to be progressed or changed to keep the muscles “on their toes”, as I have often said. Just can’t keep the dance out of me.

Just because your round of PT may be finished, it does not mean you are done. If what you learned in PT is not kept up every day, you will revert to where you were when you weren’t 100%.

Here at Wellness Rehabilitation Inc. we offer a way for you to continue strengthening and keeping up with your program, a way to bridge that gap between being fully functional and your strongest self to avoid recurrence of injury. We work with you for an hour focusing on different muscle groups to not only effectively activate them, but then to challenge them to maintain your alignment when you go to perform an activity you love to participate in.

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To Your Health,


Cynthia Weiss

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