A Funny Thing Happened While in the Waiting Room

I have been dealing with hip pain since February, diagnosing and treating myself.

It has been 3 months and it is affecting my dancing. As you know, dancing is a top on my list of loves. I just can’t stop.

So I didn’t stop dancing, but modified it. I continued walking the dogs and gardening to keep up physical activity and doing some strengthening exercises.

In the end, I am better but not healed and for now not doing ballet.

I decided to see an orthopedic doctor to see if I am missing something and to get an xray.

This is where the story really begins. It is a big practice, of which I usually do not like to send my clients to, but there are a couple of doctors I do like.

I was sitting in the large waiting room and a couple sat down diagonally from me. They were chatting and I was listening. I had nothing better to do as I waited about 50 minutes to be called. The husband stated that there is always a long wait here with too many people.

They always want to do surgery and if that was the case, he would go somewhere else where it is easier to get in touch with the doctor who will spend time with you.

Then he stated that they send you to Physical Therapy and it is just as difficult to get in, you don’t see the same PT, and if you need to change the schedule it is impossible and you have to wait a long time.

I just had to smile! I used to work for one of those large corporations. I was given 15 minutes to see a patient, 30 minutes if I was lucky for an evaluation. Then the patient went to an aide who took them through the exercise program I developed for them.

Obviously I left that corporation to start my own practice for those reasons. I wanted to have the time with each client to really understand what the issue is and how it is affecting quality of life. I wanted to be able to see people without having a wait list and to be able to spend the entire session focused on them, instead of having 4-5 people at a time.

This is how I want to be treated. Saying that, today in my mind this was a “second opinion” to see if I was missing something and to get new ideas to recover and get back into my ballet classes. So I put up with it.

I feel good knowing that after 20 years my philosophy on how I want to provide quality care still stands and knowing that others want this too, not just my clients.

So if you are ready to move forward in your healing process, to spend 1 hour quality time together to figure out why the issue occurred and how to become fully functional and mobile again, click here to schedule a Free 20 minute Discovery call. By the way, no where else will a clinic spend 20 minutes on the phone with you to see what is going on. All they will ask for is your personal information, insurance, and body part.

Here’s To Your Health,


Cynthia Weiss

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