Do you remember only the not so good or the good?

Lately I’ve been feeling quite philosophical. I’ve been thinking about memories and personalities.

When you think about what has happened in your past, do you remember events as good scenarios or not as good. Even those that may have been not so good, do you remember the positive things?

For instance, if you are female and gave birth, do you remember the pains of labor and delivery or do you remember holding your baby once delivered? I will say for me, I do remember labor but it was not as tough to go through as delivery was. I knew that in, the most 24 hours, I would have a baby in my arms and that kept me grounded. I was much more fearful of delivery and yet I had 3 children!

Remembering an event like a graduation, since we are in that season, or a wedding – do you think of the fights you had with a family member or the accomplishments and joy you felt for completing what you started or beginning the next chapter in life?

Our memories can be quite selective, which is a protective mechanism, but why allow a perceived thought after so many years stop you from moving forward today? After so many years, that memory has evolved and changed and most probably is not the true memory of the event.

Many of you may know that I had a brother. He was ill and eventually lost that battle (as it is said). Not sure I totally care for that expression, but you understand what I mean. I do remember the hard times in his illness, but I don’t remember everything. What I really remember was the kindness in his soul, his talents, and the fight he fought. I remember the feelings of love for each other and how we stuck together in all we did, whether it was travel, going bowling with friends, or wreaking havoc with babysitters when we would plot in Spanish.

You may think of that day when you jumped off the swing and tripped and landed on your knee. Did that stop you from ever going on a swing again or do you remember the freedom of “flying” when you would swing? Did that one incident get blown out of proportion and affect you until today so you won’t go near one?

What will you do with that memory? Is it worth it to stymie your enjoyment of something you once loved to do because of one incident or to move forward and conquer it again, hoping you learned from it?

Do you think that something that happened so long ago is worth affecting your current life?

Some things are harder than others to move forward from. I will be the first to admit that. Death is very hard to move forward from, but in that vein the remembrances of your time together will hopefully come to the forefront rather than someone’s last days. Death, I believe, is the hardest in remembering good events.

So going back to childbirth for those women who went through it, and actually I will say men in modern times can connect with it too, is it really only the pain you remember or the happiness at the end? I know some of you may not have had successful pregnancies and births, but think of instead of the love you have had in your life. (I am sure everyone has experienced love.)

Why am I talking about this? Don’t let a memory stop you from improving your quality of life. Letting yourself give in to “well it’s always been that way” or ” pain is just a part of life I have to accept” should not feel acceptable. Next blog, I’ll get more into talking about fear as this segways into that.

Do you need help in improving your quality of life? That is why I am here. I can’t guarantee the pain will be completely eliminated, but I do know I can improve your function and get you back to doing what you love to do, even if you insist that the incident from your past changed you.

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Cynthia Weiss

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