How We Move In A Painfree Way

We as humans are 3 dimensional people, otherwise we would be 2 dimensional cartoons. I talk a lot about this and its significance in everything we do. As we are 3 dimensional, so are our muscles and bones.

When I am asked about stretching and why it may or may not work, I remind people about the 3 dimensions. Most people stretch in only 1 dimension. I had a client ask me why her husband’s hamstrings show no difference after 15 years of stretching them. Well he only stretched them in the one direction, by leaning over his leg.

One dimension is the forward and back motion (sagittal). The 2nd dimension is side to side (frontal) and the final dimension is rotation (transverse).

Not only do we move in these 3 dimensions, but so do our muscles and bones. When 1 dimension is more pronounced, the other 2 come into play less. This produces an imbalance which can eventually convert to injury.

Imagine a runway model. Their hips sashay excessively from side to side, particularly the more they bring their feet midline in the gait. Frontal plane motion is predominant so the sagittal and transverse planes are lessened. Try it by thinking you are walking on a balance beam. Or watch Olympians whose sport is fast walking.

When we move, we move in opposition. Look at a pizza pie that has been sliced. Now look at the slice in the top right. What is opposite to it? Some would say the bottom left, but it could also be the top left or the bottom right. All of the directions are actually opposite to the top right.

Look at where they all meet, though. Right in the middle of the pie. That is the center or the core. So translate that to humans. Our left leg, right leg, and left arm are all opposite to the right arm. Our center is the core where they all pass through: the core being lower abdominals, buttocks, and pelvic floor, and diaphragm.

When you can visualize this and our connections it will enhance your sense of spatial awareness or proprioception. By reversing or changing up an exercise, it allows the brain and body to adjust to a new way of moving that can take you out of old detrimental patterns. An example is walking backwards.

Advancing this concept of changing up a movement to further develop your proprioception can be done by taking vision away. Now you have a heightened sense of what your muscles and joints need to do to maintain stability. You may have heard that those who are blind have a very heightened sense of hearing.

I work with clients, once they are aware of their movement patterns and how to change them, towards this more advanced technique by having them close their eyes and then try a movement or balance. We may have to start with only 1 eye closed. This teaches the body how to react effectively, rather than having the brain tell the body: “well my hips keep moving to the right so I need to move them left instead.” You will probably overcompensate and then the body never learns how to move appropriately. This is an advanced method so please do not try this until you are quite aware of how to move with eyes open.

In conclusion, moving with increased spatial awareness and dimension will smooth out your movements and make them fuller, ease tension, and decrease the propensity of injury because everything is working together in harmony. No one side of the body is stressed/strained.

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Here’s to moving in a freer and non-strained and painfree way!

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