My Dog And How Mobility Helps The Body

Every week I try to impart information to you that might help you with issues you may be undergoing. I know I can’t help everyone and I also know that you may not even be interested in most things I write about.

So I think of a gamut of issues and hope that one of them may click with you. By the way, if I haven’t written about something you are interested in, please email me your thoughts. It is very helpful to know what you are thinking about or what questions you may have.

This blog will be different. There are 2 things I can talk about forever, well really 3, that I am passionate about: animals, travel, and dance – not necessarily in that order.

This week I will write about my dog. That is a picture of my dog on her orthopedic bed. Jazz (my son came up with that name, appropriate for me) just turned 10 years old Memorial Day weekend. She is a somewhat large dog, to some people. She has greyhound and pit bull in her, possibly Great Dane. Did you hear a bloodhound won Westminster Kennel Club best in show – but I digress?

If you know dog breeds, you can see in her body the barrel chest and sleekness in her trunk with the musculature of her hind quarters, all set for running. The head is more of a pit bull, not as stocky.

Jazz has been having issues with her left hip/pelvis/spine for the past few months. She allows me to find her point of discomfort and work on it a bit. When she has been lying down, she struggles a bit to stand and then may not put weight on the leg or gimps around for a bit. Once she gets “warmed up”, she has a much improved gait. On walks you may not even be able to tell.

We have lots of stairs in our house and it’s interesting to see her go down stairs at times because she practically brings the left leg down with the right, so the right takes most of the weight. But she doesn’t slow down. She has learned to adapt.

When she wants to run, she can still run, daily! She also runs up and down the stairs when she needs to release energy.

So why am I telling you all this? As we all age, we get a bit creakier. You may have felt when getting out of bed or rising from the chair after sitting for awhile, you don’t feel as mobile. But as you keep moving, you get more lubricated and the movement is easier and smoother. Dancing makes me feel “younger” and loosens up my body. Yes, sometimes I may feel it the next day, but moving my body feels better. When I stay in bed too long in the morning or sit beyond 20-30 minutes, my body takes awhile to adjust.

I find it so interesting how animals instinctively know and do what their bodies need and tell them to do. We as humans need to do the same – listen to our bodies. Moving is what helps your body to be more pliable and the first step in relieving stiffness/soreness. Then you can work on how you move to prevent injury.

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