What’s Happening At Wellness Rehabilitation Inc. And Progressing Towards Your Goals

Are You Still Progressing Towards Your Goals?

I am often asked the question “How long do I need to keep up the exercise program you’ve established for me?”

My answer: Forever.

Then I get that look, seriously?!

The injured area will always be a weak point in your body. If you had a fracture, your bone mends, but it is not the original bone which is stronger.

If you had a strain or tear of a muscle, the inflammation will subside and the muscle will knit together, but it is also weaker. The scar tissue that is put down is a crisscross random laying down of fibers, unlike original muscle where the fibers interlock to allow smooth contraction and elasticity.

To keep an injured area strong you have to keep up your strengthening program. This will assure that the area stays as stable and healthy as possible.

Saying that, our bodies are constantly in flux. Why is that one day you feel you can run up the stairs and not be out of breath and the next day you’re huffing and puffing after the 2nd flight?

Why can you one day do a double pirouette without even thinking about it and the next day you struggle to stay balanced for a single turn?

It all depends on how our bodies are centered from activities we did that day or the day before, how we slept, or even our mental status.

So even though you have a great exercise program, it is always wise to have revisions done to it. It may no longer be relevant to your current situation. Did you gain weight? Did you lose weight? Did you start a new activity? Did you change jobs where you may no longer be at the computer as much but standing more?

Not only are there changes in your life, but muscles begin to get used to what they have been doing over and over again. Therefore, one of 2 things can happen: 1. you get an overuse syndrome or 2. you stop progressing forward in your strength.

Ever wonder why all of a sudden something is easy when initially it was so hard to do?

Your exercise program should always change according to what your body is currently going through.

Many of my clients do follow-up care after discharge because they aren’t sure if they are still doing the exercises correctly or if they are still currently valid for them or they want to continue the progress they have made in strength.

I offer 2 options:

1. A Year of Wellness package where you come in once a month for me to check up on your program and see if we need to do any changes to it and to check your form. This is for those who want to ensure they keep making progress towards their goals with an occasional tune-up once they have completed their plan of care in Physical Therapy.

2. Individual Pilates/Strengthening sessions. These sessions we work on your exercise program, progress the program, add new exercises for in session, use the equipment I have in the office (or not), and work on continuing to get you stronger. The sessions are one-on-one for 1 hour.

Interested in signing up for either of these packages, reply to this email.

Let’s continue your road forward to reach your goals of a more active, mobile, and fully functional life!

To Your Health,


P.S. If you are still not 100%, give us a call at 301-493-9257 to set up a time to discuss the health issues you are having and how we can help you.


Looking for a healthy gift to give to yourself or loved ones?

We offer SAFE PILATES VIDEOS to work on in the comfort of your home. I have created 3 Pilates videos if you are not ready to join a class or can’t find a class that suits your time-frame or you need another day for a workout. These videos you can work on at home and at your own pace. Each exercise is explained thoroughly as to what it is accomplishing and what you should feel. Part I goes over the foundations of Pilates exercises. Part II uses foam rollers and Theraband or weights. Part III teaches more advanced Pilates skills.

Click here for more information on the safe Pilates videos and to watch the short clips.


Many clients feel that the work we have done in Physical Therapy was so effective that after discharge they want to continue the Pilates and strengthening work to continue improving their outcomes to prevent recurrences.

We offer 5 and 10 session individual packages of Pilates/strengthening.

Click here for more information on our individual Pilates sessions.


We offer a Year of Wellness package for those who would like to have a monthly checkup of their home program to be sure the exercises are still valid and performed correctly or to address any other issues that may arise.


We offer online Physical Therapy sessions. These are the same 1 hour sessions as in clinic. You still get the personal touch. Click here for more information on our telehealth sessions.

Interested in continuing the work we did or just want to get stronger or be sure you are still on the correct path towards your goals of a fully functional life, give us a call at 301-493-9257 to discuss how we can help you.


A Physical Therapist’s specialty is in observing deviations in your movement patterns to find the root cause of the problem, then effectively treating it with individualized exercises to correct the problem. You will understand what the issue is that is causing the problem and be given effective exercises to do, thereby ensuring that how you move becomes permanent in your muscle memory.

Did you know that Maryland has Direct Access for physical therapy? That means you can see a Physical Therapist without seeing your physician first and getting a prescription. We can evaluate and treat you without a referral. Through the extensive evaluation, if we feel that other issues may be involved that may require you to see your physician, we will refer you back or recommend someone who is appropriate for you.

We invite you to ask about our Free Discovery Call and look forward to assisting you with anything you may need.


This is for those who are still unsure if Physical Therapy is right for them. We offer a 100% Free 30 minute Discovery Call to answer all your questions and see if you are the right fit for our clinic. Space is limited. Call us at: 301-493-9257 or email us at cynthia@wellnessrehab.org


Live Virtual Pilates/Exercise class: 5 class series for $177 January 18th – February 15th 2023 Wednesdays 12-1 on Zoom

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